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Larrikin Mary

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Sunshine [May. 30th, 2012|11:07 pm]
Larrikin Mary

The very very last part of Outlaw Dreams- I promise!


Thank you for all your fantastic reviews and thoughts about this series. I hope you like the end, well you know.....
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And another three! [May. 24th, 2012|09:02 am]
Larrikin Mary


I have great pleasure in adding another three stories to Larrikin Mary- all by GeminiGirl. Thank you!

Portrait of a Rebel

Bewitched by Blue Eyes

And Part Two of what promises something of a series. Following on from Birthday Gift, we see Anna chancing upon a most enticing vision in the bush....Ashamed I am to Tell

I think that is about it, was quite some feat after all this time of neglect- sorry Joe! Better get writing :)

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*cough* [May. 14th, 2012|09:58 pm]
Larrikin Mary

Has been a while- this place is as dusty as my mantlepiece..*splutter*
I have updated whole load of stories that have been gathering for a long old time- apologies to my fellow authors!
There is a whole bunch of new/old stories and a couple of poems - Rain and Time to Love 
LJ has crashed on me twice while doing all the links and I might just have to throw my pc across the room, so will step away and leave you to find the stories you want.

Afternoon Stroll- Gem
Time to love- Gem
Birthday Gift- Gem
Kelly Tour- Gem
Time is on my side- Nuit
Raindrops- Nuit
Time goes by- TC
Rosy Memories- Krazymoonkat
Epitome- Nuit
Rain- Nuit
Idyll- Gem
Shelter- Gem
Buttons and bells- Gem
Firewoman- Nuit
Tintinabbulation- Nuit
Better than- Ki

lots came out of a challenge on OL that united the fan fic writers with the graphics artists. Good times. This one was by nenya and was the banner for the last part of Outlaw Dreams- Time is on my Side..

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Always in my Heart [Oct. 7th, 2010|08:53 pm]
Larrikin Mary

This is sadly the last of Gems Tales from the Commercial during which Kate got to do what any of us might give our right arm for. These were heart warming tales and span a good few years of writing, but for now the door has been closed quietly, and the fire is just embers. Time is ten to five. Who knows maybe one day she will find the key and some bellows eh? I hope so.

Always in my Heart

Beautiful beautiful banner by Erendira

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Thick and fast [Oct. 4th, 2010|10:00 am]
Larrikin Mary

Ok so another update. This time a story written as part of a three word challenge on OL- to use the words apple, orange and boots. This didn't quite work out as I had expected, but in any case here you go. There is another Tale from the Commercial on the way, and I am sure a bunch more graphics, some poems and well.. am getting there... 

The Temptation of Eve

Thanks to Lola for the kind of so good it is spooky graphic...:P

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Has it been that long?? [Oct. 1st, 2010|07:48 pm]
Larrikin Mary

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Wow- well in my defence I have actually been to Australia since last i posted here. Walked in those places, seen the armour, laid flowers all over Victoria and New South Wales!

So some updates, these two were on the site back in May but I was having some difficulty with the ftp so they weren't showing up right. Anyway is fixed now

A story by Gem- part of the Conversations with Joe series- in which Joe holds forth, so to speak...
Holding out for a Hero

Tabitha's Cat wrote this yummy little thing
Waiting for Joe

For this month of October-a Ned Kelly calendar by the ever brilliant mata

And finally for now from me, the second part of my deliberations on Joe and Aaron. This follows on from Dark Brew, and contains similarly strong language and adult theme. When Mrs Barry asked Joe, as Aaron lay dead on the floor, if he had a heart, he reputedly replied 'Yes but it is as hard as stone.'
Hard as Stone

Brilliant banner by Erendira, who seems to be inside my head...

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May Calendar [May. 10th, 2010|08:06 pm]
Larrikin Mary

[Current Mood |groggygroggy]

Bit late on account of holidays, parents and sickness, but there you go! Is very beautiful- a little ray of sunshine our Joe!

Matas May Calendar

I also have some other treats for you that I will be posting over the next few days- some delicious stories by Gem and TC including a new Conversation with Joe that came out of the FF challenges on OL
*rubs hands*
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After Midnight [Mar. 21st, 2010|09:28 pm]
Larrikin Mary

A NEW Tale from the Commercial thanks to Gem and the inspiring graphics of Krazymoonkat.  LOVE that moon-horse-man thing!

Thnks Gem for another story and yeah...some welcome distraction

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Animated Joe and Chasing the Dragon [Mar. 17th, 2010|06:42 pm]
Larrikin Mary


Kat made a beautiful new animation, is my favourite now- Joe walking towards the Kelly homestead. Thank you honey. Anyhow I put it on the first page of Larrikin Mary.
Not that I am sure you are in any doubt, but AAH! Seriously, it is so unfair that I can't have him. I think he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.

Also added gorgeous banner made by Erendira to Gem's story Chasing the Dragon
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Tales from the Commercial and March Calendar [Mar. 6th, 2010|11:20 am]
Larrikin Mary

"At Last! What HAS she been doin'??" I hear you grumble... I have just been working arse off really. Anyhow a little dose of Outlaw can brighten anyones day. Sorry it took so long.

Not a moment too soon I present Gem's Tales from the Commercial on LarrikinMary.

And if that wasn't enough- Mata's gorgeous March Calendar
Thanks honey X
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